April 29: Bellwether Farm

May 6: Muddy Brook Farm

June 3: Harmony Hill

June 10: Biscuit Hill

June 17: White Horse Hill

​July 1: Bonnie Lea Farm

July 8: Bellwether Farm

July 15: Heritage Farm
July 22: Muddy Brook Farm

August 19: White Horse Hill 

September 2: Harmony Hill

September 23: White Horse Hill

September 30: Heritage
October 7: WNE-PHA FINALS at Mount Holyoke College

October 28: Muddy Brook Farm


2018 Show Schedule


wasn't enough! We had another fabulous

Finals and collected some great year-end

awards at our February banquet.

Additionally, in 2017, we formed an IEA team for middle- and high-school aged riders. IEA is a national organization that allows riders to compete in reasonably priced shows under a set of rules that is similar to that used by many college teams. Riders are able to advance through a series of divisions and can earn points during the year toward Regional, Zone, and National Finals. Our 2017 team was small but mighty. We were highly competitive against much larger teams, our riders had a wonderful time, and all of our riders were very successful in meeting their goals. We are competing again in 2018, starting in September, and look forward to adding new riders.

Our 2018 summer season is now well underway with a number of shows in the books.  We are so proud of our riders, not just for their successes in the show ring, but also for their willingness to help out, to be supportive of each other, and to be patient and gracious no matter what the situation.  



2016 and 2017 Shows

Heartland Farm competed at the following venues in 2016 and 2017. Thanks to you all for hosting such fun shows!

Bellwether Farm

Biscuit Hill Farm

​Bonnie Lea Farm

Fox Meadow Farm

Heritage Farm
Muddy Brook Farm

Northampton Hunter/Jumpers
White Horse Hill 

WNE-PHA FINALS at Mount Holyoke College


Our 2017 season was a blast as some of our returning riders moved into new divisions and our new riders showed some real horse-show style. We have several new horses and a new truck that can pull a bigger trailer: our two-horse trailer just 


Heartland Farm